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Cincy 2017 Is Coming!

Counting down to Cincy 2017:
3 Jun 2017 00:00:00 UTC+0000




Stolen from Facebook A note from Daun.
So here we are, getting closer and closer to June (Too quickly if you ask me!) and I've been a bit lax in getting info out to everyone. Sorry about that, I'm used to the event mostly running itself so I actually have to do a little prep this year! I'll try and get this info up on the Vortex as soon as I can, photo hosting for the map is my current challenge it would seem.
Anyway, here are some IMPORTANT notes about the new venue:
Dates: June 2-4, 2017
Moraine Airpark
3800 Clearview Rd
Moraine OH 45439
The location is on an active airport. If the weather is good there will be plenty of air traffic. You will be driving on taxiways while on the airport and aircraft always have the right-of-way here. Please keep in mind also that some of the aircraft here have very limited forward visibility and may not see you! If there is a traffic conflict, move well off the taxiway into the grass until they pass by. Keep your speed under 15 mph at all times!
Please use only the taxiways shown with arrows on the map.
Children should be supervised. Anywhere in the marked parking areas and south of the Kia parking to the taxiway are safe from taxiing aircraft.
Due to aircraft movement, any pets must be kept on a leash. Please clean up after your pet. Please do not touch / climb on / climb in any aircraft without the owner’s permission.
Anyone caught driving near / on the runway, no matter what time of day, will be permanently banned from this and any future event.
Other notes:
On-site camping is permitted this year if desired. No shower facilities are availble however. Dinner, as usual, will be on-site Friday and Saturday evenings.
New this year: breakfast on Saturday. Brad mentioned that since we’ll already have the equipment in the hangar, we can do pancakes, bacon and probably eggs as well. Coffee and juice should also be available.
Sunday morning cruise: This is being seriously debated as there’s no “nice country drive” to get there from the new location. It would mostly be done via surface streets and freeway driving. I’m still in for going if there’s enough interest, but it won’t be the line of cars that we did in the past.